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With a reputation for innovation, a strong commitment to sustainability, and a high quality of life, Canada is an ideal location for companies seeking to establish a presence in North America.

United Sates

With its diverse and dynamic market, advanced technological infrastructure, and access to abundant resources, the United States is a prime destination for businesses looking to succeed on a global scale.

We develop strong relationships and partnerships between key players in various business sectors throughout the world and North America. Our experienced team will work closely with you to identify potential clients and partners, arrange meetings, and provide you with personalized coaching and support to help you close deals and achieve success in the North American market.

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What We Offer

Our short-term business development mission in North America offers a comprehensive range of services to help your business succeed in this dynamic market. We provide expert guidance on market research and strategy development, tailored to your unique business needs and goals. Our team can assist with networking and relationship building, connecting you with key players in your industry and providing valuable opportunities to grow your business. With our personalized approach and focus on results, we'll help you accelerate your business growth in North America and achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently.

When you work with All Callao, you will talk to an expert business development representative who understands the logistics and regulations with importing and exporting your brand and products into both the United States and Canada.

Our Offers

Primo Mission

We will ensure a smooth and successful entry into the North American market, even if it's your first time exporting, allowing you to establish a strong foundation for sustainable growth.

  • Creation of a plan adapted to your strategy (questionnaire, interview and roadmap),
  • Period of 10 to 14 weeks.
  • 3 qualified virtual appointments* in the North American market and in the priority targets defined priority targets.
  • Sending samples to contacts (on estimate)
2,000 €/$

Expert Mission

Leverage our extensive experience and expertise in the North American market to propel your company's growth and maximize success in expanding your operations in this region.

  • Creation of a plan adapted to your strategy (questionnaire, interview and roadmap),
  • Period of 14 to 22 weeks
  • 5 qualified virtual appointments* in the North American market and in the priority targets defined priority targets
  • Management of distributor forms
  • Sending samples to contacts (on estimate)
3,200 €/$

*A qualified appointment is a meeting with a person who is able to make a decision about the outcome of the meeting. The exact definition of a qualified contact will be written in the body of the contract.

Why Choose Us

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Our team has helped 60+ businesses successfully expand into the North American market with our short-term missions. With a deep understanding of the local business landscape, we provide our clients with expert guidance every step of the way.

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We take the time to understand each client's unique needs and tailor our services to help them achieve their specific goals. Our personalized approach ensures that our clients feel supported and empowered throughout the entire process.

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Results Oriented

We're committed to delivering measurable results that help our clients achieve their business objectives and maximize their profits. Our track record of success speaks for itself, with many clients seeing significant growth and success in North America after working with us.