May 29, 2023

What Commodity Code (HS) Should I Use?

Julien Mainguy

French and based in Vancouver since 2014, Julien Mainguy is the co-founder of Best of France. Passionate about the cultural difference between Canada and Europe, he is leading numerous projects to create awareness, help people grow, and bring communities together.

HS codes are the abbreviation of Harmonized System. These codes designate products and product categories according to a 2 to 6 digit nomenclature:

The first 2 digits of the code indicate the product category
The next 4 to 6 digits indicate the subcategories in which the product falls

Countries may add digits to designate the products in a more precise way; the code has a limit of 10 digits. The 8 or 10 digit HS code used by a country is called a "tariff line".

You can determine the HS code of your goods by consulting the Customs Tariff document or through this interactive tool.

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